The big winner of the Texas Mile event on March 26-28, 2010 was Richard Holt for piloting an Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo Superleggera 250.1 MPH with an E-Gear transmission. The first few days at The Texas Mile proved to be grueling as the Team experimented on both Gallardos with different turbos and suspension settings achieving a top speed of 220mph by the half mile. When the Supra's and Ford GT's started getting faster each run on Saturday it was time to stop and prepare them for full attack mode and be ready for a Sunday kill.

Amazingly these Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo's are 100% street-legal twin-turbo cars with nothing removed! The owner/driver was thrilled to be relaxing at the starting line with the a/c blowing and the radio blasting. The Underground Racing Team learned a lot, and will be much more prepared at the next Mile event. We can't wait to see what these Gallardos do on a concrete runway in Miami!

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