We have just launched our newest division of Underground Racing, Underground Racing Motors LLC. Our New and Pre-Owned exotic vehicle sales site can now be found at www.urmotors.com. We are now able to bring our full line of exotic cars directly to your computer.

In the market for a new Twin Turbo Lamborghini or a Ferrari 458? We have these, and many other great vehicles, in stock and ready for purchase.

Can't find the car you're looking for? Put us to work locating your next exotic car by using our "Car Finder" form. This form allows you to thoroughly inform us of your interests and expectations for your perfect car.

Do you currently have an exotic vehicle that you'd like to sell or trade? We might buy it or place it on our site to help you sell it. Either way, this is the last place you'll need to go to get your exotic car sold. Click on our "Consignment Request" link and give us the full details of your car.

This site will grow with your help. Give us your feedback, likes and dislikes. Let us know what you'd like to see, and what you'd like to be able to do. Click on our "Contact Us" link and give us your feedback.