This year was another great one for Underground Racing with many innovations, event wins, World Records set and most importantly many very happy customers.  As this year comes to an end it is with great pleasure that we reveal our newest product for 2017 that will further the capabilities of our race proven twin turbo system as we enter the new year.  We introduce you to the Underground Racing V10 Lamborghini CNC Billet Block.

Underground Racing in conjunction with Proline Race Engines and our CNC machinist for over the last year have designed a fully water cooled dry-sleeve CNC billet V10 Lamborghini block.  To protect our innovative design strategies the picture provided only shows the block at a certain view from a stage of production earlier this year.

Underground Racing is very proud that up to this point all of our accomplishments have been achieved using only OEM stock engine blocks.  The billet block was not used in ANY of our builds to this point.  Accomplishments from this year such as the multiple Standing 1/2 Mile World Records with the most recent being at 247 MPH, the first and only 7 second 1/4 mile Lamborghini and the Texas Invitational King of the Streets Championship with a record setting speed of 220 MPH.  Again, all of these we achieved using stock blocks!  Considering our Teams proven extraordinary ability to make these engines live using stock blocks we will leave it to your imagination of what is to come during the new year.