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Huracan Upgrades
Aventador Upgrades
Gallardo Upgrades
14-18 R8 Upgrades
10-13 R8 Upgrades
Murcielago Upgrades
F458 Upgrades
F430 Upgrades

Upgrades Installation Overview

Underground Racing's Lamborghini race modifications start with a car detail and detailed check-in inspection. From there, highly skilled technicians remove the engine and transmission. Then our machine shop disassembles the engine where it receives Carrillo billet steel connecting rods, CP aluminum pistons, and CNC ported cylinder heads along other upgrades. Next the engine is assembled and installed back into the vehicle. Underground then installs its custom twin-turbo system, which features Precision ball-bearing turbos, TiAL Sport wastegates and blow-off valves, an air/water intercooler, and a proprietary stainless-steel exhaust system that is fabricated in-house. It is also setup with a custom fuel system, custom clutch setup, MoTeC, and factory ECU tuning.

Depending on your particular taste for power, the custom performance package installed on your vehicle may vary from this particular listing. Further modifications include stronger rear driveshafts and reinforced CV joints, ECU setups, a triple adjustable Penske coil-over suspension, billet gear setups, and billet differentials.

These vehicles fire up with a louder, meaner roar than stock cars, though not to an offensive degree. Under full throttle the acceleration is so unfathomable that it makes describing it a serious challenge. With boost turned down to 8-15 psi, rather than the 25-50+ psi that is possible, and running on pump gas rather than race fuel, many people would not even realize they were seated in front of a street-legal rocket ready to blast-off at the push of a button. Underground provides a two-year/24,000-mile warranty-as long as customers use Mobil 1 oil exclusively.

Underground Racing's Twin-turbo System Features

  • Custom twin billet Precision Turbochargers
  • TiAL billet wastegates and billet blow off valves
  • Custom fabricated stainless steel exhaust using aircraft quality metal
  • Ultra lightweight stainless steel mufflers
  • Custom fabricated stainless steel air induction using aircraft quality metal
  • Custom Air/Water intercooler system with high flow water pump
  • Custom intercooler water/coolant reservoir
  • High flow intercooler water heat exchanger
  • Crankcase ventilation system
  • K&N air filters
  • Show quality coating/polishing on turbo compressor, intercooler, and charge piping.
  • Custom heat shielding and high quality heat wrap
  • Exhaust Finish Options:high temp heat coating or polished mirror finish
  • High quality silicone hose
  • High pressure T-bolt clamps for intake pressure tubes
  • High quality v-band clamps for exhaust connections

Fuel System Upgrades
  • Billet fuel pump brackets with high flow fuel pumps
  • Custom aluminum fuel rails
  • All Aeroquip stainless steel fuel line and aluminum fittings
  • Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Upgraded fuel injectors

Engine Modifications Include

  • CNC ported cylinder heads
  • Full blue print and balanced race short block
  • Carrillo billet steel connecting rods
  • CP custom reverse dish aluminum race pistons
  • CP spiral locks
  • CP .180+ wall wrist pins
  • CP oil rail support
  • Custom steel cylinder sleeves
  • Main bearings
  • Rod bearings
  • Total seal TNT file fit rings

Tuning Upgrades
  • Motec M1 Engine Management System
  • Boost by gear
  • Custom wiring harness
  • Professional dyno and streetability tuning

Additional Performance Upgrades
  • Penske Triple Adjustable Coil-over Suspension
  • Stronger Rear Driveshafts and Reinforced CV Joints
  • Custom DCT Clutches with Billet clutch baskets
  • Billet 1st-7th gear-sets
  • Billet Differentials
  • High-performance Wheels and Tires
  • Safety Equipment (Roll Cages & fire systems)


Underground Racing's installation of high-performance upgrades includes a Two-year/24,000-mile Warranty with the use of Mobil 1 oil exclusively.