Underground Racing raises the bar once again in the exotic tuning market. Introducing the Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo. Equipped with Underground Racing's Stage 1 twin turbo system, this Italian horse stomps out an amazing 700 rear-wheel horsepower on pump 93 octane fuel.

Here are the first pictures of the Underground Racing Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 Italia. Ferrari did an incredible job with the 458 platform. We must say we greatly enjoyed driving this 458 Italia around a bit before it went under the knife. Even though we were extremely impressed with the handling and all the other cool features of the 458, however, we knew there was something missing. Because my brother KC Howeth and I test drive Twin Turbo Lamborghinis and Twin Turbo F430's on a daily basis, we have certain expectations (however warped they may be!) when it comes to power and acceleration. So it was then time for the Underground Racing team to design a 458 Twin Turbo system. As the pictures below show, this is what we came up with. We will have a Twin Turbo system with a stock engine as Stage 1. The built engine with Twin Turbo system will be stage 2. More photos and videos will be coming soon, along with the release of the performance numbers.